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Your Guide to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Award Redemption Changes (2019 UPDATES)

Singapore Airlines announced on 3rd January that they will be revising Singapore Airlines Award and Upgrade mile redemptions – with effect from 24th January 2019 onwards.

This chart summarizes the changes between the current and new Krisflyer Award flight redemptions (red indicates changes to required miles):

Here’s the low-down on what will happen to your precious Krisflyer miles:

The Bad: Save Less on Premium Classes Saver Award Redemptions Across All Zones

The D-word strikes at the heart of Krisflyer members at the start of this 2019:

Devaluation with a capital D.

Across all Zones in Singapore Airlines miles redemption network, Business Saver, Suites/First Class Saver and Suites/First Class Advantage now cost extra miles for redemptions from 24 January 2019 onwards – with the increase in required miles ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 miles.

Additional miles required ranges from 3-9% in Premium Economy Saver, (a hefty) 8-12% in Business Saver, (an equally hefty) 6-10% in Suites/First Class Saver and 3-6% in Suites/First Class Advantage award redemptions.

Generally, Business Advantage award redemptions also remains status quo - aside from USA flights (Zones 12 and 13), which will increase by 5000 miles one-way.

With this sharp hike in mile redemptions for Saver awards across the premium classes, it may mean from this year, Economy Class award redemptions will have greater value.

Perhaps to mitigate the negativity of the mile hike on Saver awards, Singapore Airlines will introduce a Flexible travel dates function in its online booking system, come 31st January 2019. This allows customers a quick glance on the redemption availability over a 7-day period. Perhaps, a little user-centric tool like this may aid customers to feel they can get just a bit of bang for their buck for their now-inflated redemptions.

In addition, Singapore Airlines will be making Krisflyer Spontaneous Escapes a permanent feature from February 2019 onwards. This will definitely be handy in offsetting the mile deflation for premium class Saver awards, however, the trade-off will be that Singapore Airlines has greater control over your travel plans! To commemorate this launch, Singapore Airlines has promised that in February, Krisflyer Spontaneous Escapes will feature never-seen-before deals. Mark this date: 15 February 2019!

Having fed us the bitter New Year pill, don’t be disappointing us come 15 February, Singapore Airlines!

The Good: Economy Class Award Redemptions Remain Status Quo

Well, if you have travel plans using Economy Class Awards mileage redemptions, you may be pleased to know both Economy Saver and Economy Advantage have been spared this mile hike. So travel more! Singapore Airlines Economy Class inflight product and services are pretty much amazing anyway. Check out my SQ866 Singapore to Hong Kong flight review here.

The Good: 14 Days Advance Outcome for Waitlisted Redemptions

Singapore Airlines has announced passengers will be informed of the outcome of their waitlisted flight 14 days before the flight – BUT, it will only come into effect in second quarter of 2019. I be hating the miles devaluation but a big thanks to SIA for keeping us in your thoughts on sparing us the agony of worrying until flight departure day! This will be something I'll definitely be looking forward to!

Hope this guide helps you in planning the optimum use of your precious miles this 2019 or... by 23 January! Happy redeeming your dream vacations!

For inspiration of travelling on Singapore Airlines, check out my flight reviews here:

Have a great travelling year!

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