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Daessiksin AMK Hub Korean BBQ Buffet ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Korean Barbecue Grill Meats and Seafood! Review

Daessiksin Korean BBQ at AMK Hub is one of several outlets of this value-for-money all-you-can-eat Korean Grill Barbeque restaurant dotting our Hallyu-crazed island. Other outlets are also conveniently located in other suburban shopping malls such as Woodlands Causeway Point, Punggol Waterway Point and Serangoon NEX, so hungry heartlanders can enjoy this buffet experience at anytime a Korean BBQ craving hits.

Located right in front of NTUC Fairprice Hypermarket at Basement 2 (#B2-01), you can't miss the gigantic DAESSIKSIN Korean BBQ Buffet sign appealing out to hungry tummies.

Stepping into the restaurant, immediately, on your right, you will see the buffet's highlights on the right of you: the spread of a variety of marinated meats (vegetarians, you may want to look away now!).

On my day of visit (for a Tuesday lunch), there were four varieties of chicken (black chicken, spicy chicken bulgogi, satay chicken, chicken bulgogi), four varieties of pork (spicy pork collar, marinated pork collar, pork belly, pork bacon), and beef bulgogi! Altogether, nine varieties of meat! I would think any starving carnivore will be pleased with the meat spread!

The beef bulgogi was what I was craving for when I planned for my lunch at Daessiksin. It certainly didn't disappoint. The beef were thoroughly marinated and so finely sliced that they cooked in seconds on the hot grill. Though there were a huge variety of condiments available for your tastebuds' pleasure, I was content feasting on the sweet marinated beef as they were; in genuine appreciation of the chef's culinary skills.

Other than whacking the beef, I also enjoyed sampling the different varieties of pork - all well-seasoned and cut finely for easy grilling! The pork bacon was salted just right for that salty kick to my palate. At first, I was quite hesitant about picking out the pork belly but seeing a fellow carnivore wolfing down slices after slices of pork belly, I decided to give it a try and ignoring the visible lard, it is actually quite chewy and has that mild porky taste. Perfect for your favourite dips!

Though the marinated meats were a highlight, there were also two varieties of seafood on offer: spicy baby octopus and black pepper squid. As delicious-sounding as they were, I found them rather tricky to grill and after a few barbecue attempts which I ended up having to chow down rubbery sea creatures, I gave them up for animal protein instead!

As you can see, to the left of the spicy baby octopus and black pepper squid, there's additional ingredients for those who top-up for a hotpot (+SGD8 per table). I thought it was somewhat messy to put hotpot items together with the barbecue items, but the signage were more messier: while the food signs are helpful and appreciated, isn't it a little faux pas to be using Japanese translations in a Korean restaurant!

Anyway, faux pas or not, those who choose the hotpot option can enjoy additional menu items such as bean curd, squid roll, fish tofu, pork collar, chicken sausage and sliced chicken. Enough variety to ward off the meat sweats!

At another corner, there's also a second (big) spread of hotpot items to make the extra hotpot investment worthwhile: Chinese cabbage, xiao bai cai, ramen, pumpkin, carrot, tofu, egg plant, potato, glass noodles.

For those skipping the hotpot, you can still enjoy some veggie respite with oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, salad and iceberg lettuce. Those crunchy iceberg lettuce leaves made perfect wraps for the juicy marinated meats!

As with any Korean restaurant, side dishes are plentiful!

Clockwise from top-left: Radish pickles, orange slices, cherry tomatoes, seasoned yellow bean sprouts (yummy!), radish salad, kimchi, nonya achar, raw onion rings.

[continued] Clockwise from top-left: garlic, sliced chili, pineapple, corn salad, chilli pickles, onion sauce, Korean BBQ sauce.

In making my lettuce-bulgogi beef wraps, I enjoyed trying (and munching) different combos of the sides as toppings (it ended up being a carbs-free buffet for me). There's also white rice but I didn't come to Daessiksin to load up on carbs!

At the end of the 90 minute session, my favourite combo has to be:

iceberg lettuce + beef bulgogi + seasoned bean sprout + nonya achar + garlic

I loved this ooze-some burst of flavours and sensations: sweet juicy beef bulgogi, tangy nyonya achar, crunchy bean sprouts, that sharp taste of garlic, all enveloped in a mouthful of fresh crisp lettuce!

There is also a cooked food section, though I wouldn't sing praises about the variety.

Clockwise from top left: corn, pancake, glass noodle, fried potato.

Clockwise from top left: pancake (again), kimchi fried rice, spicy rice cake, glass noodle (again).

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of condiments to enjoy your grilled meats and seafood with: garlic, peanut sauce, sesame sauce, grated ginger, chili sauce, salt, pepper, chili padi, sesame, soya sauce, sesame oil. A chargeable cheese dip is also available for you dairy fans!

Ginseng chicken soup! Yumz!

The layout of Daessiksin AMK Hub is rather minimalist though, the setting is bright and cheerful - perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

The grill is easy to operate (do watch out carefully over your meats when at maximum heat level though - I learnt this the burnt way!). Strategically placed low vents sucks up any smoke from your barbecuing and there isn't any problem with smelling like roast beef after your meal. There's also a pair of scissors for you to cut the slabs of meat into bite-sized pieces for ease of devouring.

As you can see, the fun is in testing your culinary skills with grilling marinated meats and figuring out which combination of ingredients and toppings appeals to your tastebuds most!

Step 1: Grill the meats (or rather, my best attempt at):

Step 2: Strategize your toppings while the meats are being done:

Step 3: Carry out your strategic plan on a piece of lettuce leaf and self-evaluate the awesomeness (or lack of) of your flavor intuition:

At this point, I must highlight, the best part of the buffet was the attentive service crew who were very polite and at always hand to clear unwanted plates. I overheard one of the staff saying to the guy at the next table, "Do you mind if I clear your plates?" - as though clearing the plates was an inconvenience to the customer!

What impressed me was that they offered TWICE to change the grill during the 90 minute session. The grills had an issue of being easily charred after some light grilling but this issue was recognized by the staff and they were proactive in exchanging a blackened grill with a fresh one. In seeing the hassle of exchanging a sizzling charred grill, I appreciate very much their service-oriented attitude towards the customers.

A hungry carnivore is also a thirsty carnivore. So here's the drinks corner to the rescue, with a small array of drinks for your picking: Hot Korean Tea, coffee machine and soft drinks.

I swear the ice lemon tea almost gave me diabetes!

So I stuck to the hot Korean tea which was sugar-safe (though I wished they would have iced Korean tea as well!) but succumbed to the lure of the desserts.

Free-flow ice-cream!

A few different varieties of cakes were available as well: marble cheesecake, strawberry cake(?), New York Cheesecake, cookies n cream cake.

A little tight around the waist with the cow that I had just devoured, I skipped the cakes and opted for some digestive remedy in the sour citrus slices. But as full a moon as I was, I wouldn't miss the ice cream though! I had the white one which I thought was coconut flavor. It was really creamy - like how I like my ice cream to be.

In all, it was a very enjoyable lunch treat - partially because of its great value! The free-flow of thoroughly marinated meats will surely satisfy any Korean BBQ cravings or carnivorous hunger pangs (ie. pork belly or barbecued meats). The convenient location of Daessiksin outlets in the heartlands also enables anyone to enjoy without having to dressed to the nines for a trip downtown (ummm, not that anyone does that anymore).

So grab your buddies and family to drop by sometime and spend SGD15.90++ on your weekday lunch or SGD25.90++ for dinner/weekends to enjoy making your own lettuce meat wraps, or just to indulge in your inner carnivore!


Weekday lunch (SGD15.90++) 90mins - 11.30am-4.30pm

Weekday dinner (SGD25.90++) 120mins - 5.30pm-10pm

Weekend lunch/dinner (SGD25.90++) 90mins - 11.30pm-10.30pm


Weekday lunch (SGD9.90++) 90mins - 11.30am-4.30pm

Weekday dinner (SGD15.90++) 120mins - 5.30pm-10pm

Weekend lunch/dinner (SGD15.90++) 90mins - 11.30pm-10.30pm


Senior Citizen

35% discount (lunch/dinner) - 60 years and above with valid NRIC

Dine in Free Tuesdays (lunch) - one FREE Senior Citizen with every paying adult


Kids Eat Free - Child 12 years and below with every paying adult


Weekday lunch (SGD13.90++) - 18 years and below with valid identification/student pass

For weekday dinner and on weekends, there are additional 10 items which includes ribeye and prawns on top of the selection for weekday lunch.

Address: 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #B2-01 AMK Hub Singapore 569933

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