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Flying Emirates A380 Economy: EK206 Milan to Dubai Review

Emirates flight EK206 departs from New York, with a stopover in Milan, before its continuation onwards to its final destination Dubai.

Having had a fantastic experience onboard the earlier sector from New York to Milan (read about it here), I was all excited about the second sector from Milan to Dubai.

Flight Details

Operator: Emirates

Flight: EK206

Route: Milan to Dubai

Operating Aircraft: Airbus 380-861

Registration: A6-EDD

Departure from Milan: 14:05 / 14:38* (UTC +2)

Arrival in Dubai: 22:10 / 22:03* (UTC +4)

Flight Time: 6 hours and 5 minutes / 5 hours and 25 minutes*

(*denotes actual timings)

During the transit in Milan, Dubai-bound passengers from New York have to disembark. The aircraft will be cleaned and catered for, and there is also a change of crew.

We soon boarded the same aircraft that brought us from New York, welcomed by a fresh set of cabin crew. Unlike the previous sector from New York to Milan where the flight was choke-full, the passenger load to Dubai would be lighter and most passengers could enjoy having at least one empty seat next to them.

Hello, seat again!

Glad that you have been nicely spruced up for me (it amazes me somewhat how the cleaning crew can transform a post-flight hurricane-hit widebody cabin in so short a time!).

And here's the much appreciated AC power port (all mine and mine alone! - since the middle seat would be empty on this flight leg).

Once passengers had settled in, paper menus were distributed - a pampering touch and a sign of the excellent dining experience to come.

Departure was slightly delayed due to some no-show passengers, as informed by the Captain, but their bags would be offloaded, and soon we would be on our way.

After take off, cabin service began promptly with a beverage service, with a full selection of cold drinks available. The cabin crew were very cheerful and upbeat, and happily obliged the requests of many passengers for multiple drinks.

I opted for pineapple juice and Bacardi White Rum to concoct my own inflight cocktail. It was proactively served with ice and a stirrer. The nice flight steward handed me two miniature bottles of rum to get the party started - how kind!

I had a bit of fun mixing up my rum-and-pineapple cocktail, and then enjoying my refreshing tropical brew as I started on my movie.

Lunch service commenced after the drinks service with the distribution of the special meals.

This was followed by the main meals, with the following menu on offer:




Sweetcorn salad with lentils

Main course

Chicken in yoghurt sauce

Served with steamed basmati rice

sautéed broccoli and red peppers

Slow-braised beef with rosemary

Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Triple chocolate delice

Enjoy your meal with our selection of wine, beer, juice and soft drinks

Hot drinks

Coffee or tea


Both main course options sounded really good and it was a difficult choice to make - in the end, I decided to have the beef.

Woah! Just look at how good the meal looks!

Doesn't the main course look more like Business Class-resque rather than cattle class?

And my tastebuds' verdict?

A resounding YES, it tasted just as good as it looked! Excellent Emirates inflight catering indeed!

The savoury Sweetcorn salad with lentils - a riot of colors that burst with much flavor in each mouthful.

And the Triple chocolate delice dessert that every chocoholic would kill for! I am not much of a chocolate addict but it was just such a treat to sink my teeth into the three chocolate layers (chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sauce). Good things surely come in threes. Sinful much?

As though there weren't enough food, there was also a mini sub roll and cheese and crackers.

A cup of water to wash down the hearty meal.

A small bottle of French red wine (Maison Robert Olivier 2015 Côtes du Rhône-Villages) to enjoy my fine inflight cuisine with.

The Emirates meal was most excellent, but the service was stellar too. The lady crew working on my aisle was enthusiastic and very courteous, wishing passengers a sweet "Enjoy" as she handed them the meal trays, and thanking them for each request they made (read: they, not she), and saying thanks even when she was clearing their trash! When clearing the meal trays later on, she would cheerfully enquire "How was your meal?"

Really outstanding service from the Emirates crew. I am thoroughly impressed how personal the service was, even in Economy Class.

Some hot tea for me to end my delectable meal.

If the meal and cabin service doesn't convince you of Emirates premium offering in Economy Class, here's a quick look at the lavatory which is in a lovely golden brown tone, with lighted mirrors and stocked with branded The White Company Noir Collection toiletries.

View of the cabin after lunch

Belly-full and satisfied, I took a nap on the well-cushioned and ergonomically designed seat, waking up to a darkened cabin.

Hot towels were soon offered before landing. Mind you, they were thick face towels (Business Class-resque again), not skimpy tiny wet wipes other airlines would offer.

Headsets and blankets (both used and unused) were collected by the cabin crew for landing before the cabin was darkened for the night landing.

We then landed smoothly in Dubai, marking an end to a great flight journey onboard the Emirates A380.

Time passed all too quickly onboard this wonderful Emirates A380 flight. The comfortable seat, mouth-watering meal and excellent cabin services, and pampering amenities definitely made Emirates Economy Class feels truly like an upgrade. I only wished I had more time to enjoy the ice entertainment with its massive selection of movies.

At the end of this amazing Emirates experience, I was already sharing the same sentiments as my favourite actress - maybe I should have buzzed the friendly flight attendants.

"Is there anyone we can talk to about maybe flying this around a little bit longer?"

"Just like an hour?"

Temporal as the flight was, it certainly is etched in my memory as a wonderful flying experience with Emirates.

Thank you for reading this Emirates A380 flight review on FlightTravels.

You may watch the full video of my EK206 flight experience below:

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