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Lufthansa A319 Flight Experience: LH1730 from Munich to Sarajevo

Lufthansa is one of the few major airlines flying to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its stellar reputation made Lufthansa my choice airline when I was looking for a ticket to Sarajevo.

Flight details

Airline: Lufthansa German Airlines

Flight: LH1730

Route: Munich (MUC) to Sarajevo (SJJ)

Departure: 11:05am (scheduled) / 11:26am (actual)

Arrival: 12:30pm (scheduled) / 12:30am (actual)

Flight Time: 1 hour 25 minutes (scheduled) / 1 hour 4 minutes (actual)

I was transferring from a flight from Helsinki, Finland, and had arrived at Munich Franz Josef Strauss Terminal 2 Satellite Building, at the Schengen flights zone (K Gates). I headed up the escalator to the non-Schengen zone (L Gates), passing passport control, where LH1730 would depart.

The Non-Schengen zone was pretty quiet, with plenty of seating, in the morning when I arrived. I made myself quite comfortable and waited for my flight's departure. The terminal offers a good view of the tarmac activity but double layers of glass makes it unsuitable for professional shots of the aircraft.

Boarding commenced on schedule and passengers queue up to scan their boarding passes on the automated gates. I made my way into the Airbus 319 (A319-112 (D-AIBE, named "Schönefeld") to my window seat.

It is a basic slim black leather seat, though I found it ergonomic and comfortable. An older gentleman sat on the aisle seat and I was thankful the middle seat between us remained vacant.

After the passengers have boarded and the luggage loaded, the purser informed that Wi-Fi was available onboard this aircraft, and during this trial period, it would be complimentary. Announcements were made in German and English, with pre-recorded safety announcements in Bosnian also played prior to take off and landing.

There were three flight attendants operating on this A319, and they were all cheerful and nice ladies. After take off, one of them distributed the sandwiches, the others served drinks from drink carts. A full range of drinks, including alcoholic beverages, were available.

The sandwich was a vegetarian sandwich, described on the packaging as "Sunflower bread Gouda Cream Cheese with Herbs". It was a nice snack.

I opted for beer for my drink and was surprised that Lufthansa serves beer by the bottle! WARSTEINER Premium Verum beer (0.33l) was served.

During the meal service, I was able to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the frozen mountainscape from my window seat. I thought nothing could top sipping ice-cold beer whilst appreciating Mother Nature's incredible beauty from above!

The rest of the short flight was peaceful and uneventful - most passengers dozed or enjoyed trying out the complimentary Wi-Fi.

The aircraft soon descended on this cloudy day and landed smoothly into Sarajevo International Airport, where we were bussed to the terminal building.

It was a short experience with Lufthansa, but a very enjoyable one, with nice service from the cabin crew, and a complimentary snack and drink offered on this short flight. The spectacular views of the mountains were a big bonus.

Thank you for reading this flight review of Lufthansa.

Feedback and comments are well-appreciated.

For my full video experience of this flight LH1730, please see below:

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