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Garni Hotel Konak (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Review

Garni Hotel Konak is a charming hotel in the heart of Baščaršija, Sarajevo's historical centre. Even if Baščaršija is quite compact, Garni Hotel Konak offers great convenience for its guests to the local attractions. Going out from the back door, you would be steps away from the popular Sebilj wooden fountain, as well as Ferhadija Ulica, a pedestrianized street lined with many stores.

With just 6 rooms, with the option of a Double or Twin Room, the hotel has a quaint and homely atmosphere. There is a breakfast room, where a cold continental breakfast is served (included in the room rate).

Even with just 6 rooms, there is a functional lift - albeit a slow one. Definitely a luxury that will be appreciated for those with heavy luggage.

The room is quite large and spacious, as with the wardrobe and the fridge in the room. I also liked that the room was very clean. The room also features a LCD television and a router for Wi-Fi. The internet was fine when I arrived. However, in the evening until my departure the next day, I was unable to connect to the internet no matter how many times I tried to reset the router.

My room faces the hills that surrounds the city, and the lights from the homes in the hills were beautiful after dark.

On the quality of sleep, the sound of trams rumbling pass and noise from nearby pubs could be heard during the night - but that's pretty normal in staying in the heart of the city. The pillows were, for me, too soft, and the bed, rather hard. Tired from my exploration of the beautiful Sarajevo city, nevertheless, I could sleep quite soundly.

If I could fault something, it would have to be the bathroom which was painfully tiny. I could hardly breathe in the standing shower, let alone bend to give my legs a thorough scrub. The standing shower was so confined that reaching my feet was impossible. There were two sachets of soap (applicable for both body and hair) and two tiny bar soaps provided but I would recommend bringing your own showering supplies!

The hotel staff are friendly and excellent - they speak good English and are very helpful with enquiries and also are great in recommending places to go and some great restaurants that serve authentic Bosnian cuisine at affordable prices.

Garni Hotel Konak also provides a complimentary airport pick-up if you stay for two nights or more. I opted for the hotel pick-up and though the staff was late in meeting me, the hotel emailed me immediately to notify me about his late arrival. I appreciate the prompt action by the hotel in trying to reach me on the delay in pick-up.

Overall, I did have a decent stay with Garni Hotel Konak. Though there were some issues with the bathroom and the Wi-Fi, I appreciate the hotel staff's excellent hospitality.

Garni Hotel Konak's website may be found here.

For a video review of Garni Hotel Konak, please see below:

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