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Kenya Airways Flight Report: KQ310 from Nairobi to Dubai

This is my experience of Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, onboard flight KQ310 from Nairobi (NBO) to Dubai (DXB).

Flight Details

Operator: Kenya Airways

Flight: KQ310

Route: Nairobi (NBO) to Dubai (DXB)

Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Registration: 5Y-KZA, named "The Great Rift Valley"

Departure Time: 7.20pm (UTC +03) / (6.55pm)

Arrival Time: 12.56am (UTC +04) / (1.05am)

Actual Flight Time: 4 hours and 36 minutes / (5 hours and 10 minutes)

*() denotes scheduled timings

The aircraft is a state-of-the-art Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, the flagship aircraft of Kenya Airways. The aircraft operates with 30 seats in Premier World (Business) Class, and 204 in Economy Class. The Weber 5751 slimline Economy Class seat features a 32 inch seat pitch, AVOD entertainment, as well as USB port and AC power port for recharging electronic devices. I would say it is an excellent product that is highly competitive with leading airlines around the world.

It was going to be quite a full flight on this evening flight to Dubai, packed with holidaymakers heading to Dubai for a shopping holiday, as well as businesspeople sourcing for products in Dubai. Boarding took a while, as it was a full flight and there were some missing passengers. Eventually, their baggage were offloaded, as updated by the Captain. Announcements were made in English, with selected announcements also made in Swahili.

We were delayed in departure but made up for it along the way, landing ahead of schedule. There was a team of four flight attendants working in Economy Class - all whom were men. Perhaps due to a full passenger load in Economy Class, a lady crew working in Business Class came to help out later during the Economy Class meal service.

After take off, scented wet towels were distributed (small gripe but it would be nice if they were hot).

This was followed by a refreshment service where packets of mixed nuts were served with drinks. A full range of cold drinks were available, including alcoholic drinks. What was really nice was the flight attendant giving two packets of mixed nuts to each passenger. If soft drinks were requested, the flight attendant handed the passenger two cans! How generous! Definitely a thumbs up for Kenya Airways hospitality!

Mixed nuts (dry roasted macademia nuts and cashew nuts with salt)

Coca-Cola (X 2 cans) for my drink

Less than an hour after, dinner was served.

"We are serving lamb or fish", informed the flight attendant.

I decided to have the lamb option, though the fish seemed to be a popular choice. It turned out the lamb option was curried lamb stew with spinach, carrots, and yellow rice. The fish option was fish with potatoes.

The other components of the meal tray were:

Starter: Coleslaw salad

Dessert: Cake slice drenched in vanilla sauce

Roll and butter

Drinks were served by a different flight attendant. I had red wine (Rietvallei John B Shiraz 2014) (South Africa) to accompany my meal.

Coffee and tea were served later. I had some hot tea to end my meal.

Though the main course was on the saltier side, overall, the meal was savoury and rich in flavour and I enjoyed it very much.

After the dinner service, lights were first dimmed then turned off entirely, allowing passengers about 2 hours to rest before landing.

The entertainment system is available in several languages and is an easy to navigate 10.6inch touchscreen system. There is a good diversity of movies, from Hollywood films to international movies from around the world. I like that headphones (as opposed to earphones) are provided to passengers. There is a detailed flight tracking map feature available as well.

In all, it was a very enjoyable flight with Kenya Airways. Service was warm and hospitable - even on a full flight, extra packets of nuts and extra drinks were proactively given to all passengers! The meal served was palatable. These days, we can't live without our electronic gadgets so I'm really glad that USB ports and AC power ports are available onboard the Kenya Airways' Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - very useful particularly on the longhaul routes that this aircraft is usually deployed on. And even if you aren't travelling with any of your own gadgets, the entertainment system will enable time to fly onboard. I found a few pretty interesting movies and television programmes to occupy my time from boarding until the landing in Dubai.

Thank you for reading this flight report on Kenya Airways.

The full video experience of this flight may be viewed here:

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