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South Sea Island Getaway, Fiji

South Sea Island is described as the cutest of the volcanic Mamanuca Island chain. This tiny uninhabited island offers visitors plenty to do, or that perfect excuse to do nothing at all!

Just 30 minutes by ferry from Denarau Port, there is no excuse not to indulge in some island time at South Sea Island. Further, all cruises by South Sea Cruises provide coach transfers from hotels in Nadi and Denarau to Denarau Port and back. An island escape cannot be less effortless!

I went for the Full Day Cruise, which departs at 9am and returns back to Denarau Port at 6pm - giving me a one full day to indulge in some island time. The ferry is huge, and though it was packed with many excited island-trippers, there were plenty of seats for everyone. I noted that the ferry departs sharply at 9am though - don't miss the boat!

We transferred to a smaller boat when we neared South Sea Island, and were warmly welcomed by the warm island hosts who belted out songs and gave us a resounding "Bula!" as we stepped onto the shore.

A quick briefing on the island facilities, services provided, safety issues, and activities offered was carried out. Then everyone was free to create their own island memories!

Island activities include:


Fins and snorkels are provided. Whilst the corals are somewhat sparse and scattered, it is nevertheless fun exploring the world underwater. There is a decent variety of fish, with colourful triggerfishes, parrotfishes, and wrasses spotted. Come say hi to them!


Kayaks and paddles are complimentary to use, and you can work out a good sweat with a friend (or someone dearer) paddling on the clear waters surrounding the island.

Semi-submersible ride

The semi-submersible ride allows you to view the world under water without getting wet! I couldn't see that much through the somewhat cloudy water and sparse corals. It offered some cheap thrills in spotting the scarce darting fishes though.


A small salt-water swimming pool is available on the island (what?). Why bother, when there is the big blue sea all around! Your fishy friends are awaiting!


There's a small make-shift crafts market next to the bar whereby several local women sell Fijian souvenirs, mostly jewelry and trinkets (closed on Sundays).

BBQ lunch

A barbeque lunch is provided, with a salad buffet spread (including fresh salad, coleslaw, rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, and cut fruits), served with meats (fish, chicken, beef, and sausages) from the barbeque. It was a delicious treat, particularly when paired with cold drinks from the bar.

Meke performance

At lunch time, a traditional Meke performance is held (not on Sundays). With songs and dancing performed in traditional costumes, it is entertaining and enjoyable. After the performance, a photography session with the performers is held (with tips expected).


There's plenty of hammocks and deck chairs to laze in, in the sun or in the shade, as you please. Close your eyes, feel the ocean breeze and the sound of waves. What island bliss!

Binge drinking

Guess what? All drinks are complimentary and free-flow! Soft drinks, mineral water, and booze (beer, red and white wines) are all available free-of-charge from the bar. Soak it up!

Diving (for a fee)

There are scheduled diving sessions where both novice and certified divers can visit more distant diving sites and have the opportunity to encounter a greater variety of marine life.

Massage (for a fee)

Massage by the beach is available should you want to ease those aching joints.

With a myriad of activities offered, visitors can choose to do all of them, or nothing at all!

I would suggest not skipping the complimentary drinks though! ;)

What makes this cute island such a gem is that once you step into the island, it is your time to spend on whatever pleases you. During my time there, a group of Fijians even booked this cruise to South Sea Island so they could enjoy the complimentary beer all day (they told me they were on a challenge on how many bags of empty beer cans they could fill up!).

All I want on my island getaway is to leave the world behind, to do what I want, and get some stress-free relaxation. I liked that how from pick-up from my hotel to the drop off at the end of the day, South Sea Cruises provided me just that. A perfect island getaway.

For more information on cruises offered, see South Sea Cruises website.

Have a look at my day out at South Sea Island in this video:

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